1. General provisions

1.1. The following rules on the sale of Goods (hereinafter “the Rules”), with the consent of the purchaser (after consulting the rules and marking the tick next to the statement “I accept the rules for buying and selling of goods”). Read ‘) is a binding legal instrument between the parties, which lays down the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller, the conditions for the acquisition and payment of goods, the arrangements for delivery and return, the parties ‘ liability and other goods to purchase Sales of “” in the online store.

1.2. The Seller reserves the right to amend, correct or supplement the rules at any time, taking into account the statutory requirements. Any changes, revisions, or additions to the registration will be made to the buyer by means of the login specified in the e-mail and must re-accept the changed rules to purchase the goods in this online store.

1.3. Buy in our online store is entitled:

1.3.1. Natural persons who are capable, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority, whose legal capacity is not restricted by court order;

1.3.2. Minors from fourteen to eighteen years of age, only with the consent of their parents or guardians, except where they independently dispose of their income;

1.3.3. legal persons;

1.3.4. Authorised representatives of all the abovementioned persons.

  1. Protection of personal data

2.1. Any information that relates to personal data and which is recorded in the online store “” is subject to the personal data protection policy of the seller. In order to sign up for the online store, the buyer must confirm the acceptance of the “rules”. The buyer, by endorsing these rules, agrees that the e-mail address and telephone number that he has specified will be sent to the information notices necessary to fulfil the order of the goods, and agrees that he/she shall be given an e-mail The telephone number is handled for direct marketing purposes. A buyer who does not wish to have his email address handled for direct marketing purposes must notify by e-mail or telephone which is published in the online store “” in the contact section.

2.2. The seller undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the buyer to third parties other than the seller’s partners providing the delivery of the goods or other services related to the fulfilment of the buyer’s order. In all other cases, personal data of the buyer may be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. Moment of concluding a contract of sale

3.1. The contract between the purchaser and the seller shall be deemed to be made at the moment when the purchaser who chooses to purchase the product (s) and has formed a basket of goods, presses the “Confirm order” link.

3.2. Each sales contract concluded between the buyer and the seller is recorded and stored in the online store’s database.

  1. Buyer rights

4.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods in the “” online store in the order of these rules and online stores.

4.2. Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale of goods concluded with online shop by notifying the seller in writing (by e-mail, indicating the desired return of the item and its order number) No later than 7 (seven) working days after the date on which the item was delivered.

4.3. Rules 4.2. The buyer’s right under paragraph 2001 of the Minister of economy is implemented. 17 August ‘ The rules for the sale of items and the provision of services in the case of contracts using means of communication ‘, adopted by Decree No 258.

4.4. Rules 4.2. The right provided for in this point may be exercised by the purchaser only if the product has not been tampered with or has not substantially changed its appearance, nor has it been used.

  1. Buyer’s obligations

5.1. The purchaser must pay for the goods and accept them in accordance with these rules.

5.2. Buyer undertakes not to transfer to third parties its login details. If the buyer loses his/her login credentials, he must immediately inform the seller of the means of communication specified in the “Contacts” section.

5.3. By using the online shop, the buyer undertakes to comply with the following rules, other terms and conditions expressly stated in the online store and without prejudice to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. Seller rights

6.1. The seller has the right to determine the minimum size of the basket in its sole discretion, i.e. the minimum amount at which the purchaser’s order will be executed. This amount is visible when you view the shopping cart.

6.2. If a buyer attempts to impair the stability and security of the online shop or violates its obligations, the Seller shall be entitled to restrict or suspend the use of the online shop or exclusive Revocation of the buyer’s registration.

6.3. In the context of important circumstances, the seller may terminate the online store temporarily or altogether without notice to the purchaser.

6.4. The seller has the right to cancel his order without notice to the buyer, if the purchaser chooses rules 8.2.1. Payment for the goods within 3 working days (i.e. within 72 hours) after the order has been confirmed.

6.5 The seller is entitled to claim damages from the purchaser if the customer, who chooses the method of payment provided for in item 8.2.2, does not pay the exact amount of the order in which the item is delivered (s). In this case, the seller has the right not to give the goods to the buyer.


  1. Seller’s obligations

7.1. The seller undertakes to enable the buyer to access the services provided by the online store under the conditions set out in these rules and in the online shop.

7.2. The seller undertakes to respect the buyer’s privacy right to his or her personal information in the online Shop registration form, except in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the “Rules on the protection of personal data” Cases.

7.3. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the purchaser to his address in the conditions specified in point 9.

7.4. The seller undertakes to offer, as a result of important circumstances, a product ordered to the purchaser, as similar as possible to its characteristics. In the event of the buyer refusing to accept the equivalent or similar goods, the seller undertakes to repay the money paid to the purchaser within 7 (seven) working days if a prepayment has been made.

  1. Price of goods, payment procedure and time limits

8.1. The prices of goods in the online store and the formed order are indicated in litas.

8.2. Buyer pays for goods in one of the following ways:

8.2.1. Payment by bank transfer is a prepayment when the customer has formed an order and has clicked on the “Confirm order” link to pay through his bank account or when you print the order and go to the nearest bank section, transfers Money in the online store “” in the bank account indicated in the Bank transfer section.

8.2.2 Payment in cash at the time of delivery is the payment for goods in cash when delivered to the purchaser. At the time of delivery, the purchaser must file the exact amount of the order to the person delivering.

8.3. By paying the method of payment provided for in point 8.2.1, the Purchaser undertakes to pay immediately. In these cases, subject to the rules 6.4. The right of the seller as provided for in point (a), only after payment of the goods, a parcel is started to be formed and the time for delivery of the goods begins (except for the payment under item 8.2.2).

  1. Delivery of goods

9.1. The purchaser undertakes to indicate the place of delivery when ordering the goods.

9.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that he is unable to accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the address and on the basis of other data provided by the purchaser, the purchaser is not entitled to claim claims by the seller concerning delivery of the goods to the invalid entity.

9.3. The goods are delivered by the seller or his authorised representative.

9.4. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods to the purchaser according to the terms specified in the goods descriptions. These Terms shall not apply where the goods are not in the seller’s warehouse and the purchaser is informed of the shortage of the goods he ordered. At the same time, buyer agrees that, in exceptional cases, delivery of the goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the seller’s control. In this case, the seller undertakes to immediately contact the buyer and reconcile the delivery issues.

9.5. In all cases, the seller is relieved of the liability for breach of delivery deadlines if the goods are not delivered to the purchaser or delivered in due time as a result of the purchaser’s fault or as a result of buyer’s circumstances.

9.6. At the time of delivery, the purchaser must check the status of the consignment together with the seller or his authorised representative. When the buyer has signed the invoice (Bill of LME) or other shipment-acceptance document, the shipment is deemed to have been transferred in the correct condition. If it is observed that the package delivered has been damaged (defective, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the purchaser must mark this in the waybill or in another transfer-acceptance document and, in the presence of the seller or his representative, make out a free Infringement act in the form of a shipment. In the absence of such action by the purchaser, the seller is relieved of liability against the buyer as a result of an infringement of the goods if such damage was caused by damage to the packaging which the purchaser did not mark in accordance with the procedure set out above.

9.7. More detailed information related to the delivery of goods is provided in the “Delivery of goods” section of the online shop.

  1. Quality guarantee and shelf-life of goods

10.1. The properties of each item sold by are generally indicated in the item description for each item.

10.2. The seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods in the online store may not correspond to their color, shape or other parameters to the actual size, shapes and colours of the item due to the display properties used by the purchaser.

10.3. The seller gives certain types of goods a valid guarantee of quality of the goods for a certain period, the specific term and other conditions of which are specified in the descriptions of such items.

10.4. In the event that the seller does not provide a quality guarantee for certain types of goods, the warranty provided by the relevant legislation is in force.

  1. Return and replacement of goods

11.1. The defective goods are eliminated, the defective goods are replaced by the replacement of the farm minister in 2001m. 29 June By Decree No 217 on the rules for the return and replacement of articles on the approval of restitution and alteration.

11.2. To return an item (EU) 11.1. In the cases specified in the rules point, the purchaser must complete the return document in free form and submit it together with the returned item (items).

11.3. 11.1. The right provided for in the rules clause may be exercised by the buyer within 7 (seven) working days of the date of delivery of the goods to him, informing the seller 4.2. Procedure laid down in the rules.

11.4. When the purchaser returns the goods, the following conditions must be met:

11.4.1. The returned item must be in original, tidy packaging;

11.4.2. The item must be intact for the customer;

11.4.3. The goods must be of a marketable appearance (labels intact, unbroken security films, etc.). (this point does not apply in the case of a faulty goods return);

11.4.4. The returned item must be of the same bundle as the purchaser received;

11.4.5. When returning the item it is necessary to provide an acquisition document, warranty voucher (if any) and completed 11.2. Return document referred to in the rules.

11.5. The seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the purchaser if the buyer does not comply with the return procedure laid down in this article.

11.6. In the case of goods returned on the basis of 4.2. Right, the purchaser bears the cost of returning the goods. The seller’s refund rates are 9.7. Rules. When the product received is not a commodity and/or a defective product, the seller undertakes to take such goods and replace them with similar goods. In the event that the seller does not have analogous goods, he shall return the money paid to the purchaser for the Good (es).

11.7. The return and replacement of goods is carried out in accordance with 2001 of the Minister of Economy. 29 June By Decree No 217, ‘ rules on the return and replacement of items ‘ and ‘ the minister of Economy ‘, 2001. 17 August ‘ The rules for the sale of items and the provision of services in the case of contracts using means of communication ‘, adopted by Decree No 258.

  1. Responsibility

12.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the data provided in the registration form. If the buyer does not provide the exact data in the registration form, the seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences.

12.2. The buyer is responsible for the actions performed using this online store.

12.3. Buyer is responsible for transferring his/her login data to third parties. If the services provided by are used by a third party, by logging in to the online store using the buyer’s login credentials, the seller considers this person as the buyer.

12.4. The seller is relieved of any liability in cases where the loss arises because the buyer, irrespective of the seller’s recommendations and his obligations, did not get acquainted with these rules, although such a possibility was granted to him.

12.5. If the seller’s online store contains links to other companies, institutions, organizations, or persons ‘ websites, the seller is not responsible for the information or activities therein, does not supervise or control them, and for those companies and persons Do not represent.

12.6. In case of damage, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for direct losses.

  1. Seller’s marketing measures

13.1. The seller may, at its discretion, initiate various promotions in the online store

13.2. The seller has the right to unilaterally, without notice, to change the terms of the shares as well as to cancel them.

  1. Exchange of information

14.1. The seller sends all communications to the email address and phone number provided in the Customer registration form.

14.2. The buyer sends all communications and questions by means of the contact details specified in the “Contacts” section of the seller’s online trade Center.

  1. Final provisions

15.1. These rules are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

15.2. Relations arising on the basis of these rules are governed by the law of LITHUANIA.

15.3. Any disagreement arising from the enforcement of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the REPUBLIC of