Registration information is necessary so that you can book and pay for the goods, and we can deliver it to you at the address stated. When completing the registration form, please note the fields that must be filled in. We are not responsible for the information provided incorrectly. We guarantee that the information you provide will not be transmitted to third parties.


Once registered, your account is created containing:

  • Basket Of Goods-any goods placed in your consumer shopping cart, remain there until you have discarded them.
  • Your addresses-we can deliver your goods to your specified addresses.
  • Order List-View a list of your purchases carried out in our shop.
  • Your personal information-Change your login credentials.
  • Your carries out various promotions, during which the buyer can obtain a discount code for future orders.



Course of goods Purchase:

  • You select the items you want and put them in the basket.
  • You select the delivery address for the items.
  • You select an account delivery address and payment method.
  • You confirm the order.


Payment for goods After confirming your order, you must pay the total amount of your reservation. You will receive all payment details via email immediately after you have made the reservation or you can view it in your account. There are several ways to pay:

  • By bank transfer (after ordering the transfer of money to the specified account in any of the banks, saving the order number).
  • Cash. Cash can be paid by taking a commodity with us. It is also possible to pay by courier when the product arrives at your specified address. (The service is paid, the price is visible when booking).

Delivery Of Goods Goods are delivered using the services of the parcel service. Orders are delivered within 1-5 business days. Sometimes the delivery of goods may take longer. The delivery time is prolonged if the product is not in stock at the time, but we look forward to arriving. In any case, we inform the customer by phone and/or email. Post. The most common items we present on the next business day after payment