I want to buy an electric scooter. Where do I get his Search and overpay?

You can search for them On this page – www.xiaomipaspirtukai.lt and we will help you find the best option.

I searched for the electric scooter and noticed that Their prices are different. Why?

Xiaomi produces M365 and M178 models. On the Internet, you can find the most popular resellers – Gearbest, TOMTOP, Banggood, etc. Each of these listed stores has several warehouses in different countries and it also depends on prices. The price may also vary from the applicable dealer’s stock. Therefore, we recommend choosing the cheapest – the cheapest does not mean that it will be the worst, all models are the same and you choose the best price.

You mentioned two models, but on the internet I found that there are “M365”, “M178” and “M365 EU”, what are they different?

The M365 has even 30 battery cells for comparison with M178 (20 cells) which means that the battery capacity is different – with a 30-cell battery that takes about 30 percent. More kilometers. Also “M365” has black and white colors, and “M178” only black. And why was the M365 EU isolated. It is made for the European market – the European Power plug (no need to buy a Chinese-to-European adapter) and two spare tyres are added to the cameras for our European roads.

Has the electric scooter from China been downloaded will have to pay customs and VAT taxes?

When buying from Banggood, Gearbest and TOMTOP, you don’t have to pay VAT and customs duties. It should be noted from what foreign supplier you buy the scooter, because the unverified seller can cost you additional costs.

If you decided to buy the scooter from Recommended pages, what would I recommend to pay attention to?

We recommend to settle in dollars. Via Paypal or your existing USD currency bank account (Revolut, etc.) This is the most favorable course, because the Chinese prefer dollars. After paying in dollars you will save ~ 10 EUR.

I ordered the electric scooter, for how long I will present it?

Practice shows that the scooter travels about two months. The goods travel to Europe from China by train, and by the door you will be showcasing DHL “UPS” or “DPD” is the most economical download method. Clearly, the item can be downloaded and within a few days-by plane through DHL, but get ready for it to poke a significant amount.

Got a shipment, what are my next steps?

Unpack Take the steering wheel and insert it into the front of the Handlebox Pipe. A key with four screws will be attached to the scooter and Instruction.

P.S. do not forget to inflate the tires. Not a single user of the Xiaomi scooter has pierced new tyres just because it did not verify tyre pressure and was driving with a half-pin. The recommendation is to inflate them to at least 4.0 bar. It is fully inflated to about 2.0 bar. If you use this advice, you will not need to change tyres frequently. And the power button to get stuck in the insulation (my personal tip) it will help to protect against moisture in the rain – water leaks through this space to the control board and a short circuit may occur.

I inflated my tyres, “I missed it” but I feel that Or is this to be the same?

No, you need Adjust the strength of the disc brake. The brakes are adjustable as follows: The cable should be adjusted with one brake lining that adjusts to the hexagon Key.

I feel the loosening of the handlebar to the left or Right, what should I do?

You will need The gasket, which is used during the flexing of the handlebar, can be purchased here- www.xiaomipaspirtukai.lt do not leave loose, because with time free The handlebar latd dils and adjust will become increasingly difficult.

I tried to drive but pressing the accelerator The lever scooter does not run?

The scooter is activated only with strong retardant. Resist so as to roll and then tilt the lever.

How much does the electric scooter weigh?

Its weight is 12.5 Kg.

What is the maximum speed of the scooter?

25 km/h. 18 km/h in ECO mode.

Maximum permissible weight of the manufacturer to Use this scooter?

The recommended weight is 100 Kg. But you know how come with recommendations, not one scooter user who weighs more, uses, but we recommend a good blow to the tires, at least up to 4.5 bar.

Can I co- The child?

Possible, but for safety and convenience, it is recommended to purchase an additional handle that is attached to the pipe. This will make it easier for you to manage it, because your child won’t have to follow you or the steering wheel to protect yourself and the child.

What you need to know about CBT before starting Operate the scooter?

These scooppers are classified as bikes, you can drive along roads, bike paths and sidewalks. Ride with the scooter is not forbidden. (Do not forget to buy a stylish helmet)

I fully charging the battery. How many kilometers I Manage to drive?

The amount of kilometers depends on the weight of wind and other factors. But the manufacturer claims to drive about 30 km before full battery discharge.

How long is the rechargeable battery?

5.5 Hours. However, the scooter has a Li-ion battery and if you hurry, its You can not load it completely, do not damage the battery. For simplicity, Think about your phone’s battery loading habits, the same principle.

For what road pavement are these scooter designed for?

The best coating – Asphalt. The scooter can be used for all coatings, but from practice we can Advise, beware of gravel roads and deep pits.

Does the scooter “incorporate” into the hammer?

There are no Such mountain areas to which you have not moved, unless your weight is heavily exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Have you bought Xiaomi’s scooter to get Guarantee?

Unfortunately, any The warranty is not provided, but the product itself is not complex and Companies that are engaged in their repairs.

What faults can I encounter most often?

Crashes Simple enough: piercing tyre, fracture of handlebar bolt, Mudguard, from strong impact detachment to battery contact Plate. It is important to mention that most often these are the little things that Fix is not difficult.

What apps can track the scooter Status and see its settings?

We recommend that you Download the MiHome app. It is available in Android and iOS stores. Per App, you can update the scooter software, change the version of the Settings, monitor speed, and change brake motor settings. Also The app has a certain type of theft protection – when you lock the scooter Through the Apps, the push-scooter engine resists and the audible Signal

How do I turn the scooter on?

On the steering wheel there is a power button that has several functions. Is a brake knob that operates in two ways and has a throttle control knob. To turn the scooter on, it is enough to press its power button and slightly maintain it until the light bulb starts to burn. The shutdown is identical, only longer hold the button.

When the scooter Switched on, press the power key again to turn on the front The scooter.

How do I turn on ECO mode?

Turn Press the Power key twice. This will activate ECO Mode. To turn off the ECO function identical, press twice on the power Button.

How does the brake knob work?

The brake lever has two principles. When you click it, the scooter will brake the electric motor, and if you press it more intensive, the disc brake stops.

How does the throttle handle work?

If they Do not press vigorously, you will have a quiet speed to adjust the speed to Next to the human rhythm. Maximizing the knob by pressing Maximum speed of the scooter (25Km/h).