www.xiaomipaspirtukai.lt Cheres The secrecy of its visitors and users. The privacy policy of our website, the accumulation and protection of data about visitors and users.
We may use the IP addresses of visitors/users to administer the server’s work and if necessary.

The user registration form asks visitors to provide personal information. All this information will not be made public, donated, sold or otherwise given to third parties. The sole purpose of storing personal information is to maximise visitors ‘ needs.
User name, e-mail The mailing address is suggested for use as author’s contact information when writing letters, reviews, etc. The user name and address will be used for sending the prizes won, as well as for the goods purchased.

www.xiaomipaspirtukai.lt Computers are not responsible for the security of personal information provided in reviews, comments, and surveys, etc. This information is public and accessible to everyone, so every visitor must be cautious about publishing their personal information in articles or comments.