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8.5, 9 and 10 inch xiaomi scooter tires are suitable for M365 and M365 PRO models. The main manufacturer of these tires is CTS, original M365 and M365 PRO tires are made by CST. The same tires are suitable for both models that means Xiaomi M365 tires are suitable for PRO model and opposite. The M365 and M365 PRO scooters are also suitable for any tubeless/solid tire of the above mentioned measurements. Inflatable tires are in all cases more comfortable than solid tires. The higher the tire profile the more comfortable the ride and the less stress on the tire or inner tube. The original xiaomi scooter inner tubes are also made by the CST manufacturer and are also suitable for both models and can also be 8.5, 9, 10 inches. The higher dimension the  inner tube and the thicker the rubber the more durable it is. We recommend that you always check the disassembled xiaomi scooter tire for the small rubber pieces. The rubber pieces mean that the tire is rubbed off and needs to be replaced.