Electric scooter repair

We will always warn you about the price before making repairs. We will look for solutions that will only benefit you.

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ServicePrice €
Rear tire / inner tube change15
Replacing the front tire / inner tube20
Fitting the front solid tire20
Fitting the rear solid tire25
Changing the screen15
Elimination of lamenessfrom 10
Scooter brake response10
Replacing brake pads or disc15
Intention of the folding hookfrom 20
Replacing the control boardfrom 30
Battery BMS repairfrom 40
Electrical outlet repair / replacement10
Wire repair / replacement10
Replacing the accelerator or brake lever15
Replacing the front wheel bearings25
Replacing the rear wheel bearings15
Rear wheel replacement15
Engine replacement20
Rear wing + bulb + cord replacement20-25
Replacement of mudguards15
Rear light replacement15
Rear light cord repair (from battery)15
Parking the front shock absorberfrom 20
Rear shock absorber installationfrom 30
Sticker affixingfrom 5
Fault finding / diagnosis         (payable in case of refusal of repairs)20

Duration of repair works 1 – 4 days

Tire fitting with specialized equipment

Electric scooter tires are a weak enough spot for this new vehicle, with about half of the electric scooter failures being related to the tires and their inner tubes, all due to the low tire profile and low volume, this combination results in very fast tire wear especially at low tire pressures. With specialized equipment, we can effectively rectify any problems you may have, as well as provide advice on how to take care of your tires so that you have fewer service visits.


Xiaomi scooter repair

Your Xiaomi scooter encountered problems? We recommend that you contact an experienced electric scooter repair service, as attempts to repair the scooter yourself may be unsuccessful. Some faults can certainly be rectified by yourself, but it is better to consult a professional beforehand.

Xiaomi scooters repair in Vilnius is a very popular service, because, according to our calculations, more than a third of scooters are from this Chinese manufacturer. In Lithuania, it is probably the most popular brand of scooters, therefore the need for repairs is quite intense, especially during the warm season (March-October). Our rule is to provide such service to regular customers as quick Xiaomi scooter repair.

We work promptly and for other reasons:

  1. We always have spare parts for Xiaomi scooters in stock, so repairs don’t take long – no need to wait for one part to be delivered from a supplier.
  2. Our masters are of the highest qualification, constantly improving their knowledge. We are interested in innovation, so we can work with the newer and older Xiaomi scooters.
  3. Many years of experience and professional tools are another secret of operative repair.

Want to know how much your Xiaomi scooter will cost to repair? Call or write now!

Ninebot Scooter Repair

Ninebot scooters repair includes not only electric Ninebot Segway scooters, but also rollers and unicycles, which can be found more and more often on the streets of our city. We work in Vilnius.

Ninebot is a Chinese scooter manufacturer renowned for its high quality and reliable products. Ninebot scooters are expensive enough, so if they run into problems, the best solution is to repair them rather than buy a new one. The quality of the repair also depends on the original parts and the work of experienced craftsmen.

Our scooter service has been repairing Ninebot scooters for many years. We have accumulated a lot of experience, so we will repair your scooter quickly and with high quality. We have most of the parts in our warehouse, so you won’t have to wait until we get them from suppliers ’warehouses in European countries.

Repairing Ninebot scooters costs much less than buying a new one. Want to know the repair prices? Contact us at the contacts already listed – we will only tell you the repair price for Ninebot scooters if you have detected a fault remotely or when you bring your scooter to us.

Electric scooter repair

A scooter in the city is an irreplaceable vehicle. The advantages over bicycles are obvious – compact, convenient to transport, travel by public transport or car, much faster and more convenient. When he breaks down, he experiences a great deal of stress and frustration. As a result, it is not worth delaying repairs – as soon as you encounter problems, contact a professional scooter repair shop immediately.

High-quality repair of electric scooters ensures that in the near future you will have no problems with already repaired scooter parts, whether it is tires, brakes, battery or control. Our craftsmen will do their best to keep you using your favorite vehicle.

We work with electric scooters, rollers and unicycles from Xiaomi, Ninebot and other manufacturers. We have ordered all the main parts in our warehouses, so you don’t have to wait long for the supplier to send you the missing part. This guarantees that your scooter will be repaired within a few business days.

Many years of experience and attention to each customer are the hallmarks of our electric scooter service. Are you interested in repairing electric scooters in Vilnius? Contact us now!