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Electric scooter solid tyres

The pros of electric scooter solid tyres are that you no longer need to invest in scooter tyres or tubes, so you save a significant amount of money in the long run. The average annual cost of tyres and repairs is around €50-100 per year when the scooter is in regular use, so you will not need to make this investment for at least a few years.

The disadvantages of electric scooter solid tyres are that they are not easy to fit, the most widely used method being heating water to boiling point. Once the tyre has softened it can be attempted by fitting one end and holding the other end in place. If the tyre has holes, screwdrivers can be inserted during fitting to facilitate fitting.

Driving comfort is reduced. Inflatable tyres are softer than pneumatic tyres and therefore better able to absorb road surface irregularities. There is no discomfort when cycling on cycle paths, but the vibrations are more intense when riding on pavements. But full-face tyres can also be comfortable if the tyre height is higher, 9, 10 inches or more. The higher the tyre the better the shock absorption, as with car tyres.

Vibration affects the components of an electric scooter and can cause the screws to simply turn. We recommend that screws that have been unscrewed since the purchase of the scooter are lubricated with a special screw glue.

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In summary, it is difficult to say which is better, inflatable tyres for electric scooters or electric scooter solid tyres. Customer experiences vary, with some customers happy that they have bought one and happy that a solid scooter tyre is not as uncomfortable as they thought. Still others are happy that the tubeless scooter tyre has saved them a lot of money. If you think that a tubeless scooter tyres will save you from the endless costs of tyre repairs, try another ride on an inflatable tyre to keep the pressure up. The minimum tyre pressure should be 3.5 BAR. If you want to know the reasons why Xiaomi scooter tyres often go flat, we recommend you read our review in the news section or click on the link above.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)