Electric scooter lock

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Electric scooter lock

Secure, keyless 5-digit combination lock for an electric scooter with a cable made of manganese steel wire. The lock is light and strong, suitable for the vehicle.


Scooter accessories can protect you from long-finger attacks. Feel safe leaving your electric scooter with a sturdy lock with a 5-digit code lock and a sturdy, wire rope. With a 5-digit code lock, you can choose from 100,000 different combinations, so you can be sure that no one will guess your code. Such a lock is easy to set and change periodically. These keyless locks are extremely useful accessories for scooters because they not only protect your scooter, but are also easy to use – you don’t have to worry about losing the key or leaving it at home.
The lock cable of the electric scooter is 12 mm thick and 120 cm long, made of braided manganese steel wire, and the lock cylinder is made of zinc alloy, which is durable and stainless. The high-quality material makes the lock extremely strong and secure – the wire is resistant to any mechanical damage, including cutting. PVC coating protects the lock from moisture and scratches. Thanks to the long lock cable, you can lock 2 bikes or even 5 scooters.
Accessories for electric scooters, such as locks, are important for every driver.
The set of the product consists of: a lock and its holder.
Instructions for using the scooter accessory
The default lock code is 00000. To unlock the lock, enter this code, turn the Res knob 90 degrees clockwise, and dial a new 5-digit combination when you come up with it. Make sure the numbers match the arrows on the sides. After setting the new code, turn the knob back to the home position. Be sure to mix the lock numbers each time you use the lock before leaving the vehicle secured.
• Cable dimensions: 12 mm thick and 120 cm long;
• Color black;
• Weight: 400 g;
• Cylinder material: zinc alloy and ABS rotating discs;
• Cable material: stainless steel and PVC coating.
These locks are not only accessories for Xiaomi scooters, but are also suitable for Ninebot models.

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