Smart tail light for cornering and braking

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Smart tail light for cornering and braking

64-bulb LED turn signal and stop light. Suitable for both bicycles and scooters. The headlamp may be mounted on the front or rear of the vehicle, on the seat, on the steering wheel or on the mudguard.


LED lights are accessories for electric scooters that provide road safety. The headlight, with two arrows and 64 LEDs, will alert your occupants of your intention to stop or turn. This will help prevent painful collisions on the road.
The turn and stop sensor LED light is water resistant, so you will be protected in all weather conditions.
Available mounting options:
The headlamp shall be attached with a silicone strap to the front or rear of the electric scooter, as required:
• If equipped, the lamp can be attached to the scooter seat bar;
• For Xiaomi S1, Essential and Pro2 scooter models, this scooter accessory can be easily mounted on a mudguard plane;
• With older Xiaomi scooter models, a rear number plate design is available to serve as an LED headlight bracket.
• To mount the headlight on the front of the vehicle, mount it on the front steering column.
When you brake, all 64 LED lights on the headlight come on automatically and flash 6 times. The turn signal lights when the scooter is tilted 10 degrees.
ATTENTION: You can only signal a turn signal at intersections or at crossings. The turn signal only signals when the scooter is stationary, as the scooter does not tilt at the required angle while driving. Before turning on the light, make sure that the scooter is upright so that the sensor selects the required arrows.
If necessary, you can choose to have the lamp illuminate on the road surface behind the scooter with the help of a laser.
• Size: 71 x 58 x 30 mm;
• Battery: 1200 mAh lithium battery;
• Charging time: 3.5 hours, USB charger;
• Color black;
• Material: plastic;
• The set includes: 1 lamp, mounting strap, USB cable.
CAUTION: Do not point the light at the lights, as they are extremely bright and may cause temporary vision problems.

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