Xiaomi scooter brake handle with bell


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Xiaomi scooter brake handle with bell

Second generation Xiaomi scooter brake handle, with bell and hook for mudguard. Suitable for models such as Xiaomi 4, 4 PRO.


The Xiaomi MI 4 scooter’s brake handle not only ensures a high level of safety and comfortable braking, but also comes with a convenient bell and hook for mudguards. This is the second generation of Xiaomi’s brake handle, specially adapted to the Xiaomi MI 4, which not only allows you to precisely control the scooter’s brakes, but also provides additional features to improve the comfort and safety of the ride.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Security Controls: Smooth and efficient braking in all traffic conditions.
  • Built-in Bell: allows the user to alert other road users to his/her presence, ensuring greater safety.
  • Mudguard Hook: The handy hook makes attaching the handlebar to the mudguard quick and easy.
  • High-quality materials: durability and wear resistance thanks to high-quality materials.
  • Ergonomic Design: ensures a comfortable hold and maximum comfort in use.

Additional Information:

This brake lever is an essential part of the Xiaomi MI 4 scooter, not only guaranteeing safe braking, but also adding additional comfort features. The bell and mudguard hook are practical solutions that allow the user to enjoy a smooth and safe ride in all weather conditions.

Installation tips:

To replace the knob you need a set of hex keys, a Phillips screwdriver. The cable connects under the dashboard. If your scooter beeps you can find the fault here.

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