Scooter tire replacement

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything to do with electric. scooter tyres. If you’re in a hurry and the scooter tyre change is already in the middle of the process, for partial face:

The basic principle of successful tyre mounting is:

paspirtuko padangos keitimas

To put it in words, while you are mounting one side of the tyre, the other side of the tyre must be fully in the groove of the rim, with both edges of the tyre in the centre of the groove.

Some useful tools for fitting tyres

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What are the causes of punctures in tyre tubes

The most annoying and most common the problem with the scooter is a flat tyre. This is especially unpleasant when you have to change your plans and find parts or a scooter service instead of a nice ride. So let’s start with an overview of the possible causes of a puncture on a scooter tyre:

  1. Incorrect tyre pressure
  2. Sharp objects
  3. Wear and tear
  4. Inadequate road surface
  5. Excessive driver weight
  • Inadequate tyre pressure: Under-inflation increases the area of contact between the tyre and the road surface, making the tyre more vulnerable to sharp objects or stones. In addition, too little pressure increases the friction of the inner tube with the tyre, a phenomenon known as “pinch flat”.

paspirtuko padangos keitmas pinch flat

The left picture shows a tyre with a tube, the right one without. In the photo you can see that the inner tube is just pressed against the tyre. A inner tube that is rubbed in this way will become soaked and leak. In this case, the picture after the tyre has been dismounted might look like this:

paspirtuko padangos keitmas

Not only the inner tube, but also the tyre is completely worn. In such cases, we recommend replacing the tyre as well as the inner tube. If you change only the inner tube, you’ll need to change it again after a few dozen or so kilometres, because the rough inner part of the tyre “eats” the tube.

The recommended tyre pressure for Xiaomi tyres is at least 3.5 bar. This recommended pressure is only because the profile of the original Xiaomi scooter tyre is very low/low.

Higher profile tyres like the Xuancheng 10″ may have lower pressures. This tyre has a higher profile, so it has enough rubber to absorb bumps in the road.

  • Sharp objects: when driving over broken glass, nails, spikes and other sharp objects on the road or paths, they can easily puncture the tyre’s surface and damage the tube.
  • Wear: Over time, constant use causes tyres to wear, which reduces their resistance to punctures. Thinner tyre walls are easier to puncture when sharp objects hit them.

  • Improper road surface: Driving over potholes, cracks or improperly levelled road surfaces can cause sudden impacts and pressure on the tyre and the walls of the inner tube, which can cause punctures.

  • Excessive rider weight: the maximum rider weight indicated in the Xiaomi scooter user manual usually varies depending on the model. Xiaomi scooters are usually designed for 100 kg to 120 kg. weight for drivers. For example, the popular Xiaomi M365 model is recommended for drivers weighing up to 100 kg, while newer and improved models, such as the Xiaomi Pro 2, can be adapted for higher weights up to 120 kg.

    Exceeding the weight limit can lead to pinch flat problems even with the correct tyre pressure. In this case, changing a scooter tyre can be very frequent.

tubeless scooter tyre (solid) or inflatable ?

Solid scooter tyres

Solid scooter tyres are a popular choice for those looking for less maintenance and longer tyre life. However, like any other solution, it has both advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Less maintenance: solid tyres do not require inflation, so there is no need to monitor tyre pressure. Changing a scooter tyre will be a less frequent pleasure.
  2. Puncture resistance: because they are solid, tyres are resistant to punctures and cuts, which are common with inflatable tyres when driving over sharp objects.
  3. Long life: solid tyres are more resistant to wear due to their material and construction, so they tend to have a longer life than pneumatic tyres.
  4. Stability: provides a stable ride on hard surfaces with a significantly reduced risk of tyre deformation.


  1. Comfort disadvantage: Solid tyres absorb less vibration and shock than inflatable tyres, so the ride can be a bit firmer, especially on uneven road surfaces.
  2. Reduced grip: Due to their harder structure, solid tyres can provide less grip, especially in wet conditions, which can increase the risk of slipperiness.
  3. Harder to fit: changing full-face tyres may require more force and special tools, as they are harder and less flexible than inflatable tyres.
  4. Changes in handling characteristics: solid tyres can change the handling characteristics of a scooter, for example by increasing vibration or reducing efficiency due to higher rolling resistance.
  5. Vibration: vibration can cause screws to loosen or plastic parts to break.

When choosing between solid and inflatable tyres for your Xiaomi scooter, it is important to consider your personal preferences, riding conditions and desired comfort level. Solid tyres can be a great choice for those who only ride on smooth cycle paths, appreciate durability and lower maintenance. However, those who want a higher level of comfort and the best grip may want to consider inflatable tyres.

Our range of airless tyres

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Inflatable tyres


Simple 8.5″ Xiaomi scooter tyres, also known as 8 1/2 × 2 (50-156).

  1. Grip and stability: thanks to the air layer inside, inflatable tyres have excellent grip on the road surface, giving the driver greater stability and safety, especially on wet or slippery roads.

  2. Shock absorption: the air pressure in the tyres allows for better shock absorption over bumps, potholes or other road irregularities, making for a much more comfortable ride compared to solid tyres (solid).

  3. Adjustable pressure: riders can change the tyre pressure according to their weight and riding conditions, optimising the scooter’s performance and ride comfort.


  1. Puncture risk: the main disadvantage of inflatable tyres is the increased risk of punctures caused by sharp objects on the road. This requires regular checking of tyre condition and possible repair or replacement.

  2. Maintenance: tyre pressures should be checked and adjusted regularly to maintain optimum performance and reduce the chance of punctures.

  3. More complicated changing a scooter tyre: Compared to solid tyres, changing an inflatable tyre can be easier, but it is still not easy and requires special tools and knowledge,

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10 inch Xiaomi scooter tyres

The 10″ tyres for Xiaomi scooters are a popular choice among users looking to improve the comfort of their ride and the adaptability of their scooter to different riding conditions. Larger than the standard 8.5-inch tyre, these tyres offer several advantages as well as some challenges.


  1. Less maintenance: 10-inch tyres are significantly more resilient thanks to their higher profile, so they are much less likely to puncture. In some cases, you can go up to 3,000 km without replacing them.
  2. Increased ride comfort: bigger tyres absorb shock better when driving over potholes or other uneven road surfaces, for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  3. Improved grip: A larger contact area with the road surface provides better grip, which is important for safe driving, especially in difficult weather conditions.

  4. Adaptability to a wider range of driving conditions: 10-inch tyres make it easier and safer to drive not only on asphalt, but also on slightly uneven, gravelly or even wet road surfaces.


  1. Fitting complexity: Depending on the scooter model, fitting 10″ tyres may require additional modifications or adjustments to fit and not interfere with the performance of the scooter. Additional parts need to be purchased and fitted to replace the rear mudguard and to extend the kick stand. But changing a tyre on a xiaomi scooter is easy.

Although 10″ tyres can offer more comfort and versatility, it is important to carefully assess their suitability for the specific Xiaomi scooter model.

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