Xiaomi Mijia S1 scooter, new?

In December 2016, Xiaomi released its first electric scooter – the M365 which by  its design and technical features won endless international awards such as reddot or BEST100 and rocked the market for electric scooters (if that market was). In 2019 the M365 PRO model was released, for those who are taller more weighty or just who wanted more power and distance. In this year 2020 we have a new model – Xiaomi Mijia scooter S1.

Already on sale from April 2020

According to our sources Xiaomi Mijia scooter S1 started selling on April 21, 2020. In China Xiaomi simply putted new scooter without serious advertising in mi.com e-shop for 1999 yuan (yuan) ~€260. A simple M365 model costs the same in the mi.com e-shop. The electric scooter itself can be seen here – mi.com

Is it really so new?

In its appearance Xiaomi Mijia scooter S1 scooter is absolutely no different from the M365 model, even in the photos we can see that Xiaomi did not bother and used the available photos of the M365 model:

Stabdžių diskas kompleksuotas tik su 1.1 ir 1.2 M365 versijomis

Brake disc used only with M365 versions 1.1 and 1.2

Brake disc used with 1.3 M365 version (mid-2019m)

One of the main differences is the adapted M365 PRO display where you can track speed, see error codes, and there will be three in instead of two driving modes – ECO, D and SPORT.

In principle we can make assumption that its the same M365 model with only the M365 PRO display. it seems that all Xiaomi M365 parts will fit for the S1 model, and if you have the M365 model, it is enough to buy and install the M365 PRO display and you’ll already have an S1 model with three driving modes and increased power.


Xiaomi Mijia scooter S1 specifications are the same as the M365 model, 30 km. declared travel distance, maximum speed 25km/h, 30-cell battery capacity of 7800mAh. Xiaomi Mijia scooter S1 scooter will be a little more powerful than the M365 model due to the available SPORT mode, so it will be possible to overtake the M365 model on the street obviously if the opponent does not have custom firmware.


The S1 model can successfully displace its grandpa M365 model. Or Xiaomi going to significantly reduce the M365 model and compete with Xiaomi scooter clones? It is not yet clear but we will see when scooter season peak approaches.